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Connect With Yoga Project

A creative community art project to celebrate the practice of yoga, foster positive community involvement, and inspire individuals to recognize their personal strength and beauty.

What is the project?

The goal of this project is to create 8 to 10 mixed-media paintings using community submitted photos from the hashtag #ConnectWithYoga. The paintings will celebrate the practice of yoga, foster positive community involvement, and inspire people to recognize their personal strength and beauty.  See the #ConnectWithYoga live feed.


YOGA: For the purpose of this project, we are keeping the definition broad and simple. The practice of Yoga brings together all aspects of the Self (mind, body, spirit) through meditation, breathing, asanas (poses). The practice of Yoga also supports the “union” of Self and honors the life in all beings.

CONNECT: How you connect is completely up to you! Whether that be a photo of your feet on a mat, a picture of hot stones, your favorite pose, your least favorite pose, your post class tea or coffee… Anything that is in your yoga practice that you connect with. I want to celebrate that! I want to celebrate every single one of those moments! 

This projects relies on each of you, and your unique understanding of how yoga is expressed in your life. Thank you for being part of this project that celebrates each of you and your relationship to this ancient practice in our modern community. I look forward to celebrating and connecting with you all!

The Process

To build these mixed media art projects, I collect photos to print and collage on boards. The photos are sealed and I then construct and paint a transparent original image over the photos. The intention is to show the beauty of the individual elements in relation to the big picture and full story. See a time-lapse video of the process.

I will be collecting photos at least through the end of 2016 so please share this video and project and help me get the word out. 

Details and FAQ’s

How can I submit photos?
To submit photos just use the hashtag #ConnectWithYoga on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (IG & FB privacy settings for profile/photo must be set to public so I can find it or you can always email me at

How long will you be collecting photos?
I will be collecting photos through the end of 2016 for these initial 8 to 10 paintings. Ideally we will be able to continue this project for years to come if people keep using the hashtag!

How many photos do you need?
For the entire series, ideally I will need over 2K.

Where will the final paintings be shown?
The final paintings will be shown at Yoga Fort 2017 in Boise ID and at a local gallery studio during Yoga week June 2017.

Will there be prints available?
Yes! The originals, prints and cards will be available for purchase as of April 2017, and a portion of all sales will be donated to a the Boise Women’s and Children’s Alliance to purchase yoga equipment for their residents and classes.

Examples of Similar Projects

Process Time-lapse

Want to learn more about how these projects come together? Check out the time lapse video bellow of the Connect With Smith Rock Project. This project was a year long collaboration with the Smith Rock State Park climbing community in Oregon. When finished the 4ft by 8ft triptych had over 1300 images and 115 hours put into it.

Have questions or comments? I’d love to hear from you!

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#ConnectWithYoga live feed

Previous Events

June 3rd -9th
I will be at the Idaho Yoga Health and Wellness Week in Boise.

June 3rd -9th
Free yoga photo shoot to celebrate the kickstart of the project.
Full Class Schedule at Yoga Week

Sat 4th: 8 to 9am @ Hollywood Market 
Sun 5th: 10 to 11:15am @ Zen Riot
———–  4 to 5:30pm @ Capital Park
———–  6 to 7:15pm @ Sage Yoga
Mon 6th: 9:30 to 10:45 @ Essential Yoga Boise
———–  5:30 to 6:45pm @ Yoga 4 Wellness
Tues 7th: 7:15 to 8:30am @ MUUV
———–   6:30 to 7:45pm @ Yoga in the Hood
Thur 9th: 6 to 7am @ Sage Yoga
———–   7 to 8pm @ Muse 
Fri 10th: 6 to 8pm @ Hyde Park for an out door celebration and open photo shoot


Future Events

September 2016
Other free photo shoot options at local studios.
Schedule pending…

March 24th-26th 2017
Yogafort! Details pending…

Yoga Week early June 2017
Details pending…

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